Tweets in Twinemascope & Twechnicolor

“DM home!” – @ET

“I’ll be back. Oh, and I also follow back.” – @TheTerminator

“It’s a boy!” – @Rosemary

“I just ousted @DVader as mayor of DeathStar.” – @LukeS

“F*** it, Dude. Let’s go bowling.” – @WalterSobchack

“@Samwise @Merry @Pippin Guys, I think we better switch that geolocation thing off.” – @Frodo

“ROFLMAO” – @TheJoker

“@MichaelC I told you, stay out of the family business!” – @DonVito

“@Charlotte Santory-time my ass. Ready to explore Tokyo?” – @BobHarris

“@NormanBates: Norman, this is your mother tweeting. You must kill her.” – @NormanBates

“RT @Sam: Now playing ‘As Time Goes By’ at @Rick43’s Café. <– Again!” – @Rick43

“Thinking about changing my Twitter handle to @Strangelove.” – @MerkwuerdigeLiebe

“Nobody moves, nobody gets hurt. Or unfollowed.” – @Thelma

“Still ROFLMAO” – @TheJoker


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